Nootropic Powder Bromantane

Bromantane Chemical Information

  • CAS Number: 87913-26-6
  • Appearance: Powder
  • Chemical Names: Bromantane; Bromantan; 87913-26-6; N-(4-bromophenyl)adamantan-2-amine; N-(2-ADAMANTYL)-N-(4-BROMOPHENYL)AMINE;
  • Molecular Formula: C16H20BrN
  • Molecular Weight: 306.2407 g/mol

Bromantane Other Names:

  • Bromantane
  • Ладастен
  • Ladasten

Bromantane Chemical Structure:

Bromantane Chemical Structure

Bromantane Dosages:

Take one capsule in the morning before or after breakfast, and the second capsule in the afternoon.
* First option is to take 50 mg one time a day in the morning. It does not make any difference if you take prior or after eating breakfast.
* Second option is to take 100 mg a day.

Bromantane Description

Bromantane (Ladasten) is a stimulant compound that was developed in Russia. It is known to leave the user feeling energized, motivated, euphoric and alert. It also enhances aerobic and anaerobic endurance. A study conducted on human subjects displayed bromantane ability to improve endurance and work capacity during stressful and intense conditions. This is because it works as an actoprotector, preparations that enhance body stability against physical loads without increasing oxygen consumption or heat production.

What are the Benefits Bromantane?

Bromantane is a nootropic that will increase both mental and physical work. This stimulant is different from traditional forms of psychostimulants as it non-exhaustive; meaning there is no increase in oxygen used or body heat.
Other benefits from the use of Bromantane are:
* Reduced anxiety
* Boost in the immune system
* Reduction of overheating and protection against hyperthermia
* Few side effects
* Non-addictive with no withdrawal symptoms
* Increase in muscle strength
* Helps to detoxify liver
* Increase in memory and learning

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